Parents that are looking for an alternative education experience for their children should take the time to fully explore options, such as a home school or other institutions that do not operate in the framework of the public education system. Here at, the main mission is to provide all of the information about homeschooling and other alternative education options so that parents can make an educated decision about which learning environment will return the best results for their child. In addition to our website, interested parents can attend an alternative education conference in their local area that will highlight different education methods.

As for alternative education resources online, we hope that our website serves as constant source of information for parents. We offer an alternative education school directory as well as online home school lessons that can be used for teaching. As a full home school online resource and database of non-public school of information, we have posted many articles about the various relevant topics to help parents make the right decision regarding the education of their children. A perusal of our articles will provide information about education opportunities that are outside of a mainstream public education. As we are always open to the opinions of our readers, we invite you to send us all your comments and feedback using our contact form.

For home school concerns, a parent should do an objective examination of whether or not they will be a good teacher for their child. Because of the importance of education for growing children, knowledge of homeschooling curriculum is not enough, but the parent should also be able to teach in an effective manner. Those who fit the bill will find that important homeschooling curriculum materials are available here at and also from local libraries. The homeschooling choice is a valid one and parents that have a successful experience may consider the option of learning how to open a school for other local children to attend. The benefit of teaching at home is that the curriculum can be changed to meet the individual needs and interests of each child.

When parents are not fully capable of homeschooling with a high degree of effectiveness, another possible choice is an alternative school that is located in the area. An alternative school is simply one that does not follow the same structure of the public school system. Some examples of different teaching methods include Waldorf, Montessori, and specific programs that are designed for children with learning disabilities. While they often do not get the recognition that they deserve, there are usually alternative options in any decent size American city. Whether a parent teaching at home or an alternative school is chosen as the means of an alternative education, the results should improve the education that a child receives.